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CBD Oil Dosages Explained

When it comes to soothing aches and pains, and getting a good night’s sleep, now more than ever many people are turning toward organic CBD oil products. However, learning the right CBD Dosage for you is important, we at Asha Apothecary is here with some tips on how to find the right dosage for you.

What is the Correct CBD Oil Dosage?

It’s no surprise that the correct CBD dosage will depend upon a variety of factors, such as age, weight, and what you’re using it for, but there are some ways to create a baseline dosage. Determining dosage will first require you to know how many milligrams are in your bottle of CBD oil. For example, a 15ml bottle will contain 1500mg of CBD oil; this means there’s approx. 100mg of CBD in each 1 ml (i.e. 1 serving size) of oil.

We recommend taking a 1/2 mL to start with and seeing how you feel, then working your way up from there until you find a comfortable dosage.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?

There are a variety of ways to take CBD oil, by either dropping it on your tongue or mixing it with a drink. Often, the best ways to get the most immediate effects of the oil you take is by dropping it under your tongue, then waiting several minutes for the oil to seep in before taking a drink or rinsing your mouth out.

How to Ingest It?

In addition to traditional CBD oil, there are other ways that it can be ingested if, for one reason or another, you’re not a fan of the taste of the oil. One of the most popular ways of ingesting CBD oil these days is to include it in food or candies, like CBD gummies. That way you can still get all of the organic healing properties from CBD oil without dealing with the slightly bitter taste the oil may have.


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