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How Accurate are CBD Labels?

CBD products have been widely available on the market for several years now. However, the industry is still plagued by misinformation, inaccurate labeling, and bad players.

What Does Recent Research Say?

A recent study, published by researchers at the Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, found that among CBD oils, only 36% had the correct ingredients and concentrations as stated on the label, 37% had more than what was stated on the label, and 9% had less than what was listed on the label. The remaining 18% didn’t have any specific CBD label claims.THC was detected in 55% of oils, with concentrations as high as 0.2%. And 57% of other products tested made nonspecific CBD claims, denoting CBD as “full spectrum hemp extract” or “activated cannabinoids”.

How Do I Find Quality CBD Products?

Unfortunately, trust is still an issue in the CBD industry and many brands misrepresent the concentrations of their ingredients or even try to completely hide what types of ingredients are being used. To protect yourself, always look for brands that provide 3rd party testing of their products.

How Does Asha Prove their Products are Premium?

At Asha, we pride ourselves on quality and transparency. Which is why we label all of our products with a QR code that lets you view third-party lab results for that specific batch. Check it out for yourself!


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