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CBD Tinctures: The Most Common Uses & Benefits

When it comes to CBD, you might have heard a lot about tinctures but are curious to know how they differ from other products on the market, as well as more about their uses and benefits. As one of today’s leading purveyors of CBD tinctures, CBD oil products, and more, our team at Asha Apothecary wanted to highlight some important facts for you here.

Below you’ll find all you need to know about CBD tinctures and their uses and benefits!

What Exactly Is a CBD Tincture & What Form Does it Come In?

Also referred to as CBD oil or CBD hemp oil, a CBD tincture is an extraction of the hemp plant that comes in a glass bottle with a dropper top to measure the proper dosage for you. The tincture is an extract that often comes suspended or mixed in a type of fruit or vegetable oil or vegetable glycerin. See our blog, The Ultimate Guide: Find Your Perfect Product & CBD Dosage, to determine what the best dosage is for you for maximum effectiveness.

Are CBD Tinctures Legal?

Yes. Since CBD tinctures come from hemp and are not psychoactive (don’t get you high), they’re legal in all of the United States, in addition to Canada and the United Kingdom.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Tinctures?

There are a number of benefits of CBD tinctures that help promote overall well being, in addition to various health benefits, such as:

  • Natural Pain Relief: For those suffering from chronic aches and pains, CBD tinctures can provide some relief. It’s one of several non-addictive, all-natural treatments that can help lessen the burden of chronic ailments like back pain, sore legs, and more.

  • It Provides a Better Night’s Sleep: If you have trouble sleeping at night, whether you’re tossing and turning or waking up throughout the night, CBD tinctures can help. You’ll wake up refreshed and won’t feel drowsy or foggy in the morning the way you would from most over-the-counter sleep aids.

  • It’s A Natural Mood Enhancer: Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or nervousness? If so, taking a small amount of CBD tincture on a daily basis can help minimize such symptoms and make you feel more relaxed.

  • Lessens the Effects of Some Neurological Illnesses: To date, many studies have shown the benefits CBD tinctures and oils have for those who suffer from neurological illnesses, such as seizure disorders like epilepsy, as well as multiple sclerosis, and more.


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