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How is the CBD Oil Trend Sustainable in 2021?

There’s a ton of buzz these days surrounding the benefits of CBD oil. Naturally, more people are wondering if it’s going to be something that’s sustainable in the long term, or simply just a fad. As one of today’s leading companies of organic CBD oil, the team from Asha Apothecary explains what makes our CBD oil a sustainable form of treatment.

Here you’ll find more about what companies like Asha Apothecary are doing to ensure organic CBD oil and other CBD products are here to stay.

A Steady Increase in Sales

CBD oil and related products have seen a steady increase in sales in recent years, and especially during the pandemic. Its popularity is by no means limited to the United States, as some countries have seen a 50% increase in sales in the past year alone. Clearly, the trend shows no signs of slowing as more and more people discover the benefits of CBD oil.

Transparency & Sustainability

Due to the significant amount of scientific research confirming CBD’s healing properties, more and more medical and government authorities are taking steps to allow for greater production of CBD oil and related products.

By recognizing that CBD oil isn’t a drug that offers a high (unlike cannabis), new laws are making it easier for those who need it to obtain it legally. There shouldn’t be any consumer confusion or questioning as to what they’re buying and the effects it will have on them.

How is CBD Becoming More Sustainable?

Perhaps the most important factor of ensuring CBD oil is here to stay is that governments encourage a policy of transparency and sustainability among manufacturers.

Unfortunately, much of the regulation around CBD is still very murky, resulting in lesser quality products in the marketplace that aren’t transparent about where their ingredients are sourced. Asha Apothecary is proud to use only organic CBD that is produced from sustainably grown hemp. We ensure the transparency of every product by including a scannable QR code on all of our packaging. Our customers can scan it to obtain more information about the product they’ve purchased, including a 3rd party laboratory study verifying its contents.

Transparency and clarity around CDB are necessary from all parties in the years to come. Until then, Asha Apothecary is proud to be at the forefront of the movement. We believe CBD oil will always be the best remedy in the marketplace for those who deal with stress, chronic pain, seizures, and more.

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