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Our Environmental Mission to Build a Better Future

At Asha, we as Founders came together from different walks of life with a single dream: to integrate human and environmental well-being into one mission. We believe that companies and brands are critical to building a future we all want to participate in and that our co-evolution with hemp has the potential to change the human story.

We recognize that caring for the planet is not different than caring for well-being and community. With rising demands from home and work, it’s no wonder stress is on the rise, and while we may not be able to control what comes at us at times, we can take control of how we respond. Thus, caring for our planet is a journey that starts with ourselves. In some ways (but probably not all), there may be something to first being a little selfish so that we can be selfless.

So, how do we walk our walk?

We start with ourselves and our team. A critical part to a better future is improved representation and equity. We work tirelessly on our company culture and value systems to ensure we are treating each other with the same integrity as we treat our customers, products, partners, and planet. We are a female- and minority-led company with diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Prior to Asha, we were each on our own mission to improve the health and well-being of others and our planet. Our CEO, Kirtan, volunteers for clean-up activities on the trails of Topanga State Park as well as the Ballona Wetlands to support local wildlife preservation. Chief Creative Officer, Karelaine, has dedicated her life to regenerative design both in the fields of sustainable landscape architecture and plant sciences. She is a co-instructor with her husband and Chief Scientific Officer at Asha, Nathan, at the Regenerative Studies Institute at Cal Poly Pomona. Dr. Nathan Walworth sees his mission as a Doctor for the Planet and has been researching climate and microbiome sciences from the Tropics to Antarctica for over a decade. Similarly, Dr. AJ Schlenger is an ecosystem analyst and ocean lover who saw hemp as a catalyst for systemic change. Head over to our team page to learn more.

Supporting regenerative agriculture

We have have partnered with our dear friends at Kiss the Ground, who have worked for years to create the Farmland Program that provides farmers, ranchers and land stewards training in the field of regenerative agriculture. These land stewards are critical connections between food, planet, and climate. We are committed to uplifting them through funding, holistic training, and soil monitoring.

What about our products?

We use USA-grown, organic ingredients. A QR code on every product reveals third-party lab results for each batch to ensure premium quality and purity. All of our products contain broad-spectrum hemp extract that has CBD and dozens of other phytonutrients for holistic wellness.

What about our packaging?

All of our bottles are recyclable. Our shipping materials are 100% recycled, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable. Our boxes are printed with carbon negative and compostable Living Ink made from Algae. Our tape features plant-derived adhesive and is fully recyclable.

What else are we doing?


We are also ecstatic about our partnership (link to our partnerships) with the non-profit Kiss the Ground, which trains farmers in the USA to shift to regenerative agriculture. This superior method builds healthy soil and nutrient-rich food that draws down carbon dioxide and helps reverse global warming. Our mission is to promote the practice of regenerative agriculture in the hemp industry.


Two of our wife-and-husband co-founders have a background in regenerative landscape architecture (Karelaine Walworth) and climate science (Dr. Nathan Walworth). They are Adjunct Faculty at the Regenerative Studies Institute at Cal Poly Pomona. They integrate Kiss the Ground curriculum into their courses to teach students about regenerative approaches across fields like design, engineering, agriculture, art, and business.

Food Waste Rescue & Recycling

About 40% of all food produced in the U.S. is wasted. Asha’s founders worked with the City of Santa Monica and Global Green to create a city-wide food waste rescue program. The two main forms of food waste from businesses are edible food that can be donated or inedible food that can be composted. The program appropriately processes both forms through donation and composting while also educating businesses about how to properly divert food waste from landfills. We are passionate about creating a city-scale model to achieve zero commercial food waste in the coming years.


Asha’s founders are also active members of the NEXUS community: one of the largest networks of social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and impact investors represented by 70+ countries. NEXUS hosts global impact summits across 5 continents and collaborates with leading institutions, such as the United Nations, to accelerate solutions to major issues. Two of our founders serve as co-chairs of the NEXUS Futurism Working Group, which raises awareness and facilitates responsible participation in science and technology.

Ocean SOS

Some of our founders also started Ocean SOS, which is a non-profit aimed at uniting local and international officials, funders, innovators, academics, and other stakeholders to create a global network of regenerative ocean initiatives. Ocean SOS is focused on bridging next-gen approaches in technology, decentralization, community governance, blended funding, and cultural integration for the betterment of our seas.

Join Us

As you can see, we are a bit obsessed with social and environmental impact, and while we are involved in different initiatives, we think the most important steps we can take is to build a model company of the future with a plant that can offer the world for us.

We would love to journey with you!


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