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The Unbelievable Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

We’re in the midst of a CBD renaissance, with new and exciting CBD products arriving in the marketplace on a regular basis. Perhaps the product getting the most buzz however is CBD bath bombs. If you’ve never tried them before, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, so our team from Asha Apothecary is here to tell you more about our organic CBD bath bombs and their benefits.

What Exactly Are CBD Bath Bombs?

A CBD bath bomb is a mixture of CBD along with essential herbs and oils packed hard into a ball that also adds color, bubbles, and soothing smells to your bath to help you relax. Bath bombs have been popular for quite some time, but only recently have been used as a method to also distribute the healing properties of CBD.

What Are Some of the Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs?

As previously mentioned, there are a number of benefits to CBD bath bombs, which include:

  • Providing a sense of relaxation and wellbeing

  • Skin purification

  • Delivering the healing properties of CBD (most bath bombs often contain approx. 30-150mg of CBD oil or hemp oil)

CBD bath bombs don’t soak into the epidermis at the same rate as other skin-based CBD products, therefore they’re not considered “topical CBD” products. However, warm bath water combined with salts and essential oils will help to activate the cannabinoid receptors in your skin and facilitate the transfer of CBD.

What Are the Effects of Using CBD Bath Bombs?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, CBD bath bombs will also provide some outstanding health effects. Of course, a warm relaxing bath provides health benefits in and of itself, but with a CBD bath bomb added to the mix, you can also:

  • Calm and soothe your nervous system

  • Relax muscles, joints, and bones

  • Moisturize your hair and skin


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